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Write a letter to Your Congressional Representatives!

We need the Congress fund to complete the reconnaissance study review by the Army Corps of Engineers. Send your letter supporting the reconfiguration of the Long Beach Breakwater and asking for funding of further studies to the following congressional representative:

Congresswoman Laura Richardson

Congresswoman Linda Sanchez

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

Senator Barbara Boxer

Senator Dianne Feinstein


Sample mail:

Dear Long Beach Area Congressional Representative:

I urge you to direct the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to complete a full
reconnaissance study on reconfiguring the Long Beach breakwater and
to appropriate such funds as necessary.

Long Beach has been suffering the stagnant, polluted water in Long Beach Harbor caused by the presence of the Los Angeles River and the Long Beach Breakwater.  The reconnaissance study sponsored by the City of Long Beach shows that reconfiguration of the breakwater could bring waves to the shores of Long Beach and improve water quality.  The study also indicates that the city would benefit more than $50 million dollars per year in city revenue from increased tourism.  This would be a great economic stimulus to Long Beach.

Please help us become a vibrant beach community again so that the Long Beach residents can enjoy the waves at the beach and the City can benefit from having a natural resource which attracts tourists.


[Your Name]

[Your Address]

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