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Sewage Spill Closes Colorado Lagoon

Published 10/16/2008 on Grunion Gazette

Just days before the City Council was set to vote on the environmental report for the restoration of Colorado Lagoon, the lagoon had to be closed due to a sewage spill.

Last Saturday morning about 10 a.m., a sewage spill near Eighth Street and Redondo Avenue bubbled up and eventually flowed into the Termino Avenue Storm Drain system, where it then flowed untreated into the Colorado Lagoon, according to the city’s Water Department.

An estimated 1,200 gallons of sewage reached the lagoon, city officials said. That prompted City Health Officer Dr. Helene Calvet to close the lagoon, and as of Wednesday, the lagoon had not been reopened for recreational use.

Water Department officials said that the spill was likely due to a grease plug in the sewer line.

For several years now, Los Angeles County has been working on plans to change the Termino Avenue Storm Drain. That drain line connects everything from as far north as Redondo Avenue and Anaheim Street and runs all of it directly into the lagoon.

The plans call for everything washed into the drain to be rerouted to the sewer system on dry days (such as when this spill occurred).

On rainy days, the storm water would flow into Marine Stadium, which has better flushing with the ocean than does Colorado Lagoon.

The project is expected to go out to bid next March, with a contractor being selected in June, according to officials with Fourth District Supervisor Don Knabe’s office.

Currently there is some utility line relocation work going on that, if not finished by next June, could delay the start of work on the project, officials added.

More information about the Termino Avenue Storm Drain can be found at, under the Long Beach community page.

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