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Saturday 1/12 Sand Sculpture Stunt!

The medium becomes the message. To communicate the negative effects of
pollution and development on the ocean, Saachi & Saachi has commissioned
a renowned sand sculpture artist to build a conceptual piece on behalf
of Surfrider Foundation. The sand sculpture, an impressive 7 ft high and
up to 15 ft wide, will consist of various marine life – breaching
dolphins, sea gulls, seal lions, etc. As the sand naturally decomposes
it will reveal a sign buried in the sculpture. The sign reads “POLLUTION

The artist is Kirk Rademaker. Kirk has traveled the world building
various sand sculptures. Some of his clients include Travel Channel,
Yahoo, Nike/Surfer Magazine and Lucasfilms. Past sculptures can be seen
on his website (

The sand sculpture will be built on the south side of the Belmont Shore
pier, an area with high foot traffic and is the 'backyard' for Surfrider
Foundation’s Long Beach chapter. The project begins on Saturday, January
12 at 7:30AM
and will continue until the sculpture erodes and the sign
reveals itself in the following 48-72 hours. A time-lapse video will be
shot to document the entire event – from the building of the sand
sculpture to its natural erosion.

If you have any questions, contact Gordana at

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