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Reconnaissance Study Update

12/04/2006 This is a reconnaissance study update reported from Ed Hendricks, the Breakwater Task Force chair.

The status of the Reconnaissance Study seems to be stuck with no movement at all. But surprisingly, some progress has been made. Bonnie Lowenthal, 1st district Councilwoman, did call Gerry Miller, city manager, and requested  that he look into finding grant money for the study. She also called the Port Authorities with the same request.  As of last Friday, I was advised by Niki Tennent, Chief of Staff for Bonnie, that no word had been received from either party. Niki advised me that Bonnie had been out of town this past week and should be back today. (12-4-06). She promised she would request that Bonnie contact both parties to see if any progress had been made.
I also contacted Mary Small,Project Mgr. for the Calif Coastal Conservancy; I had contacted her ealier this year requesting funding, but was turned down. Since Prop 84 was passed in November, I figured I would contact her again. This was done last Friday. She said she would get together with her staff and let me know soon. That should bring you up to date.  Ed–

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