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Ocean Friendly Gardens

The Ocean Friendly Gardens Program promotes reduction of urban runoff by transforming residential landscape based on the CPR (Conservation, Permeability, Retention) concept. Runoff from residential landscapes affects the quality of our oceans and the quality of our lives. The sediment in water reduces clarity; nutrients increase algae populations and red tides; bacteria close beaches; debris can choke and suffocate aquatic species; and pesticides picked up off a landscape can poison fish consumed by humans — all of which degrade the natural beauty, and our enjoyment, of the ocean. Watch the video below to learn more.

Useful Links:
Volunteer Opportunities

Long Beach Surfrider Current Ocean Friendly Gardens Volunteer Opportunities

Ocean Friendly Gardens Information

Ocean Friendly Gardens Blog

Long Beach 90H2O-Beautiful Long Beach Landscapes

Garden Assistance Party (GAP) Workday

Learn by doing – join us and turn a typical lawn into an Ocean Friendly Garden (OFG). We will be removing the turf grass, building healthy soil by sheet mulching (laying the materials on top to prevent sunlight from sparking re-growth of grass,) plus installing native, climate-appropriate plants and fresh mulch. (Light food and drink provided.)

When: Saturday, Feb. 2nd & 9th, 10am- 4pm
Where: 5162 Pacific Ave., Long Beach

Please bring your own water bottle, gloves, any gardening tools you might have and sunscreen.

RSVP to, so we can plan for tools and food.

Garden Assistance Party

This event has been canceled. Stay tuned for future events!

Calling All Volunteers! We need your help!

Surfrider Long Beach is having a Garden Assistance Party & we want to invite you!
On Saturday, August 4th from 9am-3pm we will be planting an Ocean Friendly Garden at 2959 Cedar Ave, Long Beach.
Come for an hour or for the whole day!

Bring your hat, gloves, & planting tools, if you have them. Refreshments will be provided, but please bring your own drinking container.

Long Beach Lawn to Garden Tour

Next Saturday, May 19th, Surfrider Foundation-Long Beach Chapter will be tabling at the home of Chelsea Mosher & Joshua Frank(526 E. 8th St.) as part of the Long Beach Water Department’s Garden Tour of L2G Homes. This is one of the homes where we have helped to create an Ocean Friendly Garden. Anyone interested in helping with tabling, please contact me. The event is 10am-2pm.

For more information about the Lawn-to-Garden tour, visit

Ocean Friendly Gardens G.A.P. Work Days at Becky & Jose’s

Members of the Surfrider Foundation~Long Beach Chapter and other friends & neighbors joined together to assist with the transformation of a grass yard into a garden of native, drought tolerant plants. Utilizing the principles of CPR, this garden will Conserve water by Preventing run-off and Retaining water in the planted area. Anyone in the LB area interested in assistance with converting their yard can contact the Chapter at Watch the video below and you can see more images here.

Join Us for a Garden Assistance Party Workday!

Learn by doing, turning a typical lawn into an Ocean Friendly Garden (OFG)! We will be removing any remaining turf grass the host missed, contouring the yard to create plant beds, adjusting the irrigation system, plus installing native and climate-appropriate plants. Lite food and drinks will be provided.

Date: March 3 (prep day) and March 10 (planting day), 9 am-1 pm
Location: 2126 Cedar Ave, Long Beach
Bring: Re-usable cup, sunscreen, and gloves.

RSVP to: – it helps us plan for tools, work crew leaders and food

Surfrider Long Beach Preaches AND Teaches CPR

Not the kind of CPR you were expecting though. In an effort to reduce harmful runoff from the land, into the ocean The Surfrider Foundation designed a global program called Ocean Friendly Gardens. The Long Beach Chapter, with the assistance of Paul Herzog, OFG Program Coordinator, has transformed several gardens in the city based on the principals of CPR, Conservation, Permeability and Retention and here’s the latest evidence of what happened when volunteers, city officials and Surfrider worked together on Josh and Chelseas garden .
Did you know that urban runoff is often the primary source of ocean pollution? Did you know there are ways to combat this runoff and make our oceans healthy again? It’s one way you can make a difference so grab your friends and neighbors and start transforming YOUR neighborhood.
Breathing life back into our oceans and waves, one garden at a time!

Free Presentation on Reducing Stormwater Pollution, Lowering Utility Bills Today!

Long Beach Water Department and the Long Beach Permaculture Guild, the event will feature information about innovative water conservation programs. Permaculture design emphasizes patterns of landscape, function, and sustainable systems that produce a high density of food and materials with minimal input.

If you’re interested check out this article on the LB Post.

Ocean Friendly Garden Workshop

West Basin Municipal Water District
FREE Ocean Friendly Garden Workshop

Saturday, October 22, 2011 – 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
South Coast Botanic Garden
Palos Verdes Peninsula

Did most of the recent rain water run off your landscaping and into the street instead of being retained by the soil to sustain your plants? We have a solution for that!

Come to a fun and FREE Ocean Friendly Garden Workshop presented by (G3) The Green Gardens Group, Surfrider Foundation, West Basin Municipal Water District, and the South Bay Environmental Services Center.

You will learn to reduce water usage, lower your costs for watering your landscape and reduce dry-weather run-off to our oceans using the latest sustainable materials and techniques. The workshop will cover:

How to develop an aesthetically pleasing and water conserving “Ocean Friendly Garden” using native and other drought tolerant plants
Water efficient irrigation devices (such as “smart” sprinkler controllers and drip irrigation)
Permeable “hardscape” materials and on-site water retention techniques to reduce dry-weather run-off pollution to the ocean.
Preventing wet-weather runoff.

Saturday, October 22
10 am – 1 pm
South Coast Botanic Garden
26300 Crenshaw Blvd
Palos Verdes Peninsula

Light refreshments and snacks will be provided at the workshop

Plenty of free parking

FLYER – Share with your family and friends

Click Here to Register for This Event

Sponsored by California Department of Water Resources, West Basin Municipal Water District, West Basin Director Ronald C. (Ron) Smith, Surfrider Foundation, and South Bay Environmental Services Center

Ocean Friendly Gardens Lawn Patrol

Join Surfrider Long Beach on a Lawn Patrol (neighborhood walk)

Date – Sunday, August 14, 10am-12noon
The tour will begin at 2636 Maine Ave, Long Beach, CA 90806

Weʼll walk the neighborhood, using OFG Sign Criteria to see who has OFG elements. Weʼll leave behind a flyer for those close to being OFG and see if they want help. Come join the tour, or let us know if you would like us to stop at your yard and provide tips for your landscape!

  • C – Conservation – properly-spaced native & climate appropriate plants;
  • P – Permeability – healthy soil, mulch and hardscape directs water into garden;
  • R – Retention – directing rain gutters into mulch and “swale trail” crossing the garden.

RSVP to: (let us know if you want us to stop at your yard)

Bring: water, sunscreen, clipboard and pen or pencil

Volunteer with Long Beach Surfrider to educate online and at events as well as create more OFGs –

OFG Sign Criteria, Sign Ordering, Online OFG Tracker and more at

Join Surfrider for a Lawn Patrol

Learn how this typical lawn became an Ocean Friendly Garden (OFG) that “applied CPR:”

  • C – Conservation – properly-spaced native & climate appropriate plants;
  • P – Permeability – healthy soil, mulch and hardscape directs water into garden;
  • R – Retention – directing rain gutters into mulch and “swale trail” crossing the garden.

Join Huntington, Newport and Long Beach Surfrider Chapters May 28th:
The Smith’s recently competed their Ocean Friendly Garden and are willing to help us learn more about it.  They will walk us through us how they did it, they’ve invited the landscape professionals involved and will explain how a turf removal rebate from Metropolitan Water Districts of Orange County partially covered the costs. Then we’ll walk the neighborhood, using OFG Sign Criteria to see who else has OFG elements and leave a flyer for those close to being OFG to see if they want help. Should be fun we will learn some great tips for our own homes.

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