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3 Year Feasibility Study Agreement Signed

Articles on the signing of the San Pedro Bay Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study (i.e. Breakwater study) are at the LBPost and the Press Telegram.




Feasibility Study Signing Ceremony

The City of Long Beach will be signing an agreement for the East San Pedro Bay Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study with the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Where: Alamitos Beach access road, where the west end of the bike path meets the Shoreline Marina parking lot.  Ylber Street, LB 90802 on Google Maps.

When: 2:45 – 3:45PM, Wednesday January 20th.


Year End Community Meeting Pics

4th District Councilman Daryl Supernaw telling it like it is on the Breakwater.

Daryl Supernaw

Awesome, the guy who originally thought of reconfiguring the LB Breakwater to bring back waves (Bill Hillburg) talking to Diana Tang, the person leading point on Long Beach’s San Pedro Bay Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study.

Hillburg & Tang

Year-End Community Meeting


Chapter General Election 2015

The SFLB Chapter is announcing November nominations for Executive Committee (EC) members to lead the chapter in its efforts to protect and enjoy our ocean, waves, and beaches through activism.  New EC members will help the chapter educate the local community (including City Hall) about the Breakwater, Ocean Friendly Gardens , Rise Above Plastics, Ocean Friendly Restaurants, and other Surfrider Foundation initiatives. Wonder if you’re eligible? Here’s the skinny:

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Ocean Friendly Restaurants

The Surfrider Foundation’s Long Beach Chapter has revamped its Ocean Friendly Restaurant campaign. The campaign’s efforts are aimed at reducing plastic and Styrofoam pollution from oceans and beaches while educating the public, businesses and elected officials about the dangers of plastic and Styrofoam pollution. One way to reduce this litter load is to support food establishments that make the effort to not use plastic or Styrofoam for their take out containers.

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Position on Fracking

As of Monday July 20th, 2015, the Long Beach Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation supports a moratorium on offshore fracking in Long Beach until risks can be properly assessed and discussed with the public.  We also desire comprehensive local oversight of coastal oil drilling operations in Long Beach.

There are some introduction articles in the OC Weekly and Random Lengths.  Long Beach Gas & Oil created a report for the Sustainable City Commission.  You can watch a video of the the presentation here.  If you find a copy of the report, please send it to

Before & After the Breakwater

Here’s an image of what Long Beach could look like with restoration of the wave driven ecosystem.  The image was created by the Zell Office of Landscape Architecture for the Surfrider Foundation Long Beach Chapter


CA Assembly Resolution on Breakwater Awareness Month

The California State Assembly passed a resolution supporting breakwater awareness month.  The chief sponsor was Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell.  A hard copy of the framed resolution was given to LB Surfrider Foundation during the paddle out on June 13th.  Here’s a photo of it in all it’s awesomeness:

June 014

California Assembly Resolution – Breakwater Awareness Month

Supporting the resolution and present for the dedication was Assemblymember Ian Calderon of the 57th District (Whittier).  Thanks so much to Patrick & Ian for this really amazing item.

Fact Sheet for the Breakwater Feasibility Study

If you missed the breakwater community meeting on June 25, 2015, you really missed out on the great gathering.  Here is the most updated fact sheet on the breakwater feasibility study, aka East San Pedro Bay Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study.

East San Pedro Bay Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study_6-25-15