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Letters to the Editor-Belmont Pier 2

{mosimage}Published on 12/24/2006 on Press-Telegram 

Belmont Pier

Kudos to those with the vision and energy to try and make the beach and pier areas vital again. Regarding the pier and the 90 mooring buoys, get real. This isn't Monaco or even Avalon. There are no attractions in the area that are going to draw nine yachts to the area, let alone 90.

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Letters to the Editor-Belmont Pier 1

{mosimage}Published on 12/14/2006 on Press Telegram

Belmont Pier

After thorough research of this project, I believe that the Planning Commission did not have all the necessary facts concerning the placing of buoys off Belmont Pier.

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Water Quality Attacked

{mosimage}12/07/06-LONG BEACH  City officials are not sure why there continue to be high bacteria counts in the water near Mother’s Beach in Alamitos Bay.

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Reconnaissance Study Update

12/04/2006 This is a reconnaissance study update reported from Ed Hendricks, the Breakwater Task Force chair.

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Beautiful Long Beach Landscape Grant Program

Here is an idea and fund for your garden to be more environmentally friendly.  Long Beach Water Dept.

Belmont Pier Boat Mooring Project

See Negative Declaration Application

Nice City, But Would You Swim There?

Press-Telegram article on Nov. 9, 2006

Nice city, but would you swim there?

Pollution problems continue at Long Beach beaches, for no known reason.

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Community Workshop

 The Orange County Stormwater Program invites the public to a community workshop regarding proposed changes to the water quality program!

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NGO Letter to West Coast Governors

{mosimage}The letter urges the Governors to focus on specific priorities in implementing the West Coast Governors' Agreement on Ocean Health. It was signed by 11 non-governmental organizations with offices in the three states.

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California State Report



Indicator Type Info Status
Beach Access 9  
Water Quality
Beach Erosion – 
Erosion Response – 
Beach Fill 7   – 
Shoreline Structures
Beach Ecology – 
Surfing Areas 10 
Website – 


California's beach health indicators are a study in contrasts. California has one of the most comprehensive beach water quality testing programs of all the coastal states, but also has by far the most beach closures and advisories of all the states. Beach access information is plentiful and access is generally good, except for some disputed areas in communities like Malibu and Santa Barbara. Erosion is a problem in many areas throughout the state, prompting many private coastal property owners and municipalities to install seawalls and other hard structures to protect their investments, often at the expense of the beach. Finding alternatives to shoreline structures is essential to preserve the remaining coastal resources. California recognizes waves as valuable recreational, economic and cultural resources..

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