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Ocean Friendly Garden Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Attend tabling events (Beach Clean-Ups, community events, LBWD workshops, etc.) and share information about the OFG program.
  2. Attend Lawn Patrols: meet with a group at a designated residence/business and walk the neighborhood to identify potential OFGs, talk with home/business owners or leave OFG brochures.
  3. Attend an OFG Basics or Hands-On Workshop which is led by professionals and provides greater knowledge & experience.
  4. Attend an OFG Work Day: Commune with Mother Nature & make a real difference by assisting home/business owners with removing their lawns, creating swales, and planting OFGs.
  5. Research the LBWD Lawn to Garden Program website for potential OFG qualifiers and make contact with them to determine their interest in:
    • An OFG evaluation for those who have completed the program.
    • Assistance with creating an OFG while working through the program.
  6. Collect data: whenever you spot a potential OFG, get the address and email it to me so we can add it to the list of potential OFG sign recipients.

*Times vary for all of these events. Tabling events usually run 1-4 hours, but how long you stay is up to you. Lawn Patrols are usually 2 hrs. & it’s better if you can do the whole thing. The Basics & Hands-on Workshops are about 3hrs., you don’t have to stay the whole time. The Work Days are typically 6 hrs., but you can work any part of the day. The Research & Collection times depend on you; you can earn as much or as little as you like depending on how much info you relay to me.

Please email me at to get involved – Thanks!