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Long Beach Surf Bus!?

Published 8/10/2007

LB Councilmembers O'Donnell, Andrews & Lerch Ask City Mgm't To Explore Concept, Review Non-Gen'l Fund Sources To Create "LB Surf Bus" To Take Youth To Unspecified Local Beaches; LB's Surfless Beaches Unmentioned

LB Councilmembers Patrick O'Donnell, Dee Andrews and Val Lerch have co-agendized an item for the August 14 City Council meeting that asks city management to explore the concept and review non-general-fund sources available to create a "Long Beach Surf Bus" that would take LB young people to unspecified local beaches.

The agenda item doesn't indicate whether the LB Surf Bus would take the young people to LB beaches…which have no surf due to the federally-built breakwater and (some believe) the Port of LB's Pier J (which former city officialdom allowed to sprawl eastward across from what used to be part of LB's namesake lengthy downtown beachfront).

The Councilmembers' agenda item states:

LA Surf Bus was founded in 2003 with the goal of linking inner-city youth with the beach and ocean . Every year, LA Surf Bus transports thousands of children, aged five to seventeen years old, to Santa Monica and Huntington Beach.

Through a coalition of municipalities, non-profits, businesses and individuals, at-risk youth throughout Los Angeles County get the opportunity to participate in Surf Academy . In addition to learning to surf, there are several educational components, including environmental awareness.

Chartered buses to the beach are made possible through a variety of sources, including local cities and Los Angeles County officials . In order to support the goals of LA Surf Bus, serve our community's youth and engage Long Beach in this effort, the City should consider the development of a Long Beach Surf Bus.

This new program would serve Long Beach youth, giving further opportunities to those who may not get to experience local beaches . Additionally, developing a Long Beach Surf Bus would further the City's goals of providing recreation and education citywide. It is likely that there are a variety of non-general funding options for a program like the Surf Bus .


Request City Manager to explore the concept and review non-general funds available for the creation and operation of a Long Beach Surf Bus and return to Council within sixty days.

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