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Letters to the Editor-Belmont Pier 2

{mosimage}Published on 12/24/2006 on Press-Telegram 

Belmont Pier

Kudos to those with the vision and energy to try and make the beach and pier areas vital again. Regarding the pier and the 90 mooring buoys, get real. This isn't Monaco or even Avalon. There are no attractions in the area that are going to draw nine yachts to the area, let alone 90.

I surely wouldn't want to park my boat in an area that is constantly closed to any aquatic contact because of water quality issues. And we all know how conscientious boaters are regarding the dumping of their waste products; just remember how long Alamitos Bay has been getting failing water grades. This project doesn't fit.

 Ninety mooring buoys are just going to make the birds happy and create a quagmire of navigational hazards for all the trailer boaters that are unfamiliar with the area. The EIR impact points are important and in no way should they be overlooked to facilitate this project.

Dressing up the Belmont Veterans Pier like this is equivalent to putting lipstick on a pig. Cute maybe, but not very effective.

 John Ebner

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