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Letters to the Editor-Belmont Pier 1

{mosimage}Published on 12/14/2006 on Press Telegram

Belmont Pier

After thorough research of this project, I believe that the Planning Commission did not have all the necessary facts concerning the placing of buoys off Belmont Pier.

Without all available information, advising Beach Venture Inc. that it does not need an environmental impact report (EIR) would seem to be in error. Such an undertaking deserves a full EIR, not a mitigated negative declaration.

I request that the city Planning Commission require a full EIR for the following reasons:

Increased boat traffic means more air emissions with a negative impact on local air quality.

Inconsistency with the proposed breakwater project, "Reconnaissance Study," voted on by the City Council \ makes this the wrong project at the wrong time, given that the breakwater will be reconfigured.

Toxic anti-fouling paint, specifically the copper in the paint on boats, contributes to pollution in the water.

There has been a failure to address water-quality issues relating to discharge of human waste.

Mooring user regulations are also inadequate to monitor water quality, with no requirement that a dye test be performed, no requirement that the vessel have a holding tank and no requirement that the Marine Department patrol craft be present in the area in order to observe any discharges.

In light of the above information, I urge the Planning Commission to reexamine its decision and place the protection of all persons and environmental factors first. Please insist on an EIR.

Ed Hendricks — Chairman, Breakwater Task Force, Long Beach Chapter, Surfrider Foundation

Long Beach

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