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Councilmember Lowenthal Wants to Pave Paradise

The City of Long Beach wants to pave 4.2 acres of our precious beach to add another pedestrian path next to the existing path.  It’s certainly true that there are conflicts between pedestrians and bicyclists on the existing dual use pedestrian/bike path along our beach, but the solution that the City proposes, championed by Councilmember Lowenthal, is both too costly and wasteful of our precious resources.  There are other ways to pave less beach and spend less money for the same benefit.  The proposed path is to go on the seaward side of the existing path, thus increasing the likelihood of costly shore protection and increased maintenance during winter storms.  The Surfrider Foundation believes a solution is possible that widens the landward side of the existing path and adds a curb between the two.  If you’d like to help save our beach, please call or write to Councilmember Lowenthal.  Her webpage is here

Click Here (.pdf) to see Surfriders detailed argument against this horrible proposal to pave our beach.

Even more, to argue against the path, the issue goes before the California Coastal Commission on Thursday June 13 at Long Beach City Council Chambers.   This is at the bottom floor, 333 West Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, 90802.  For more info e-mail:

2 comments to Councilmember Lowenthal Wants to Pave Paradise

  • Bluff Heights bicycler

    That path is fine the way it is. Use all that money on our historic Belmont Pool. If the City Manager and City Council tell us it is safe to bicycle next to cars going 35 to 40 mph, that of course it is safe for bicycles and joggers to share the same pavement. I have been looking forward to the breakwater being perforated so we can have waves on that beach. It would be shameful for one council woman to cement that beach over before the Corps on Engineers finishes their 3,3,3 study of the breakwater!

  • straightupcarla

    I love walking the beach path here in Long Beach. Sure, it could be a bit wider, but it’s not bad enough to commit the financial resources it would take to expand it. Also, 11 feet is an excessive extension and would detract from the shoreline. I completely disagree with this idea!!! A good compromise would be to extend the current path inland-ward and only by 3 or 4 feet. However, I would consider even that to be a very low priority, financially speaking, for the city of Long Beach. Our beach is beautiful and I would hate to see it lessened by 11 additional feet of concrete. Our current beach path is not grand, but sufficient. There are many more urgent uses for available funds in this city. Leave the beach path alone, please and fix something that is actually broken.