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City of Long Beach Releases Breakwater Reconnaissance Study

The Final Report is Available! The Long Beach Breakwater Reconnaissance Study, which was commissioned by the Long Beach City Council and conducted by Moffatt & Nichol, a local engineering firm, is available for review at the website below, along with an executive summary, a 905(b) Analysis and a Project Management Plan (PMP). View the documents here.

Mayor and City Council Special Study Session All of our stakeholders are invited to attend a Mayor and City Council Special Study Session to review findings of the Breakwater Reconnaissance Study on Monday, July 27 at 5:00 PM in Long Beach City Council Chambers. The Study Session will include a presentation by Moffatt & Nichol explaining the results of the study, an outline of potential next steps, an opportunity for questions from the Mayor and City Council as well as an opportunity for the community to comment on the study results. Please join us and provide your input on the study.

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