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City Council to hold special breakwater study session July 27

Published7/09/2009 on Press-Telegram

LONG BEACH – The City Council will hold a special study session July 27 on the results of the breakwater reconnaissance study.

study is the culmination of three public meetings involving over 100
community members, dozens of stakeholder group interviews, and
expertise from Moffatt & Nichol, the city's engineering consultants
who conducted the study. 

The 5 p.m. meeting will consist of an oral
presentation by Moffatt & Nichol explaining the results of the
study and an outline of the potential next steps. It will also include
an opportunity for questions and for the community to comment.

No formal City Council action will be taken on July 27, according to Tom Modica, manager of government affairs.

$100,000 Moffatt & Nichol reconnaissance study is looking at
whether there may be value to taking down all or part of the
breakwater, which encircles much of Long Beach's coastline, protecting
it against storms but also killing wave action and trapping pollutants.

The study is an extremely preliminary step. The Army Corps
of Engineers must agree to examine the study and Congress must approve
funding for such an effort before reconfiguring the breakwater can even
be considered more than a pipe dream.

With this first step, watchful coastal property owners,
environmentalists and surf advocates should have a sense of whether the
project will move forward.

The engineering study includes an analysis and
a project management plan, and they're being prepared in the format
required by the Army Corps of Engineers, according to Modica.

The Army Corps will then determine if there is a federal
interest in reconfiguring the breakwater, to conduct further reviews
and studies about potential changes.

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