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Surfrider Comes Out Against Proposed Belmont Pool Location

The Long Beach Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation has officially come out against the currently proposed location of the Belmont Shore Aquatic Center (i.e. Belmont Pool).  A detailed letter describing the chapter’s position is available here.

Surfing Waves as an Economic Generator

Oxford University says good waves generate an estimated $50 billion per year. provides a good summary article here. “Yes, you read that right. Before your brain combusts from the esoteric academic language, look at the numbers – 5-to-the-0 capital B, billion. By no means are we astute economists, but $50 billion seems like a lot of bread for little ol’ surfing.”



CA Assembly Resolution on Breakwater Awareness Month

The California State Assembly passed a resolution supporting breakwater awareness month.  The chief sponsor was Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell.  A hard copy of the framed resolution was given to LB Surfrider Foundation during the paddle out on June 13th.  Here’s a photo of it in all it’s awesomeness:

June 014

California Assembly Resolution – Breakwater Awareness Month

Supporting the resolution and present for the dedication was Assemblymember Ian Calderon of the 57th District (Whittier).  Thanks so much to Patrick & Ian for this really amazing item.

Paddle Out for the Waves

Today’s Paddle Out for the Waves was the best yet.  Attendance was 163. Check out the action shot from the paddle relay race.

PaddleOut 059 PaddleOut 095


Super thanks to Assemblymembers Patrick O’Donnell and Ian Calderon (District 57).

Breakwater Study Inching Forward

On October 6, 2014, the Army Corps of Engineers found $50k for the Breakwater Feasibility Study.  This, in combination with $50k from the City of Long Beach should just barely allow the Army Corps to re-scope the study to fit in the Army Corps’ new 3x3x3 study format.  That means they have to make the study cost less than $3 million, take less than 3 years to complete, and utilize 3 levels of Corps review.  Once the study is re-scoped, the Corps can then notify Congress that they will be accepting donations from the local sponsor (City of Long Beach) and begin public meetings to figure out what is really in the study.  For local supporters, this means we still have to reach out to all relevant representatives.  This includes the Army Corps (through post cards), City Council (postcards & e-mails), President Obama’s budget (post cards), representatives Alan Lowenthal and Janice Hahn (letters and phone calls).  Get your post cards at Seventh Wave Surf Shop or at any LB Surfrider meeting.

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Sink the Breakwater in the News

The Sink the Breakwater campaign is breaking out all over the place.

Here’s an article in Surfer Magazine with some good old timey photos.

Here’s a mayoral campaign add by Robert Garcia.  (Surfrider Foundation doesn’t endorse any candidate, but we strongly agree with his viewpoint.)

Breakwater Survey 2010

Recently, we’ve asked the Long Beach City Council about their position on the Long Beach Breakwater. (2/24/2010)

You don’t know which district you are in? Click here to find out!

District Name Question: Do you support reconfiguration of the Long Beach Breakwater AND bring waves back to Long Beach?
Mayor Bob Foster No response.
1 Robert Garcia 100%.  In my opinion, the reconfiguration of the Breakwater should be one of our city’s top priorities.  There is no better economic stimulus for Long Beach than waves.  An active beach would reactivate an entire beach front
2 Suja Lowenthal Yes, if the feasibility study confirms that reconfiguration and/or waves will improve water quality along our beaches and harbor.  I voted in support of the Reconnaissance Study and also hosted 3 public meetings with elected and agency representatives to discuss the impact of marine debris and non-point source pollution from the LA River upon our beaches and harbor.
3 Gary DeLong No response
4 Patrick O’Donnell Yes.
5 Gerrie Schipske She said “Yes” but now, no!
6 Dee Andrews No response
7 James Johnson
Yes, I support reconfiguration of the Breakwater to bring natural wave movement back to Long Beach and to restore our shore.  Our oceanfront should be one of our city’s greatest assets, and I believe reconfiguration could help restore this asset to what it should be–something all Long Beach residents can be proud of.
8 Rae Gablich No response (She supported the breakwater project in the past)
9 Steven Neal No response

Federal Funds Approved for Review of Breakwater Study

October 28, 2009

President Obama signed the Energy and Water Appropriations Bill, which
officially gives the Army Corps of Engineers $90,000 to review the City’s
East San Pedro Bay Ecosystem Restoration Study (e.g. “Breakwater”
Reconnaissance Study).   Stayed tuned on updates, and keep telling the City Council that you want to reconfigure the Long Beach Breakwater and bring waves back to Long Beach!

Federal Funds Tentatively Approved for Review of Long Beach Breakwater Study

October 1, 2009

The City of Long Beach announced
today that $90,000 for the Army Corps review of the Long Beach Breakwater
Study has been included in the Energy and Water Appropriations Subcommittee
Conference Agreement.  If approved by Congress and signed by the President,
the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers would have the funding and authority to
review the City Council-commissioned study of the Long Beach Breakwater
and East San Pedro Bay Ecosystem.

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Write a letter to Your Congressional Representatives!

We need the Congress fund to complete the reconnaissance study review by the Army Corps of Engineers. Send your letter supporting the reconfiguration of the Long Beach Breakwater and asking for funding of further studies to the following congressional representative:

Congresswoman Laura Richardson

Congresswoman Linda Sanchez

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

Senator Barbara Boxer

Senator Dianne Feinstein


Sample mail:

Dear Long Beach Area Congressional Representative:

I urge you to direct the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to complete a full
reconnaissance study on reconfiguring the Long Beach breakwater and
to appropriate such funds as necessary.

Long Beach has been suffering the stagnant, polluted water in Long Beach Harbor caused by the presence of the Los Angeles River and the Long Beach Breakwater.  The reconnaissance study sponsored by the City of Long Beach shows that reconfiguration of the breakwater could bring waves to the shores of Long Beach and improve water quality.  The study also indicates that the city would benefit more than $50 million dollars per year in city revenue from increased tourism.  This would be a great economic stimulus to Long Beach.

Please help us become a vibrant beach community again so that the Long Beach residents can enjoy the waves at the beach and the City can benefit from having a natural resource which attracts tourists.


[Your Name]

[Your Address]