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BREAKWATER BREAKDOWN: We’re in the money

Published 12/13/2007 on the District Weekly, Writing Shotgun 

The California Coastal Conservancy—a state agency that’s been restoring California’s shoreline since 1976—approved a $50,000 disbursement to the City of Long Beach this afternoon. The money, coming from the agency’s annual budget of $53 million, will help fund a reconnaissance study intended to measure the cost-effectiveness of reconfiguring the Long Beach Breakwater.

Conservancy spokesperson Dick Wayman confirmed that the motion passed as a consent item at the Conservancy’s board meeting this afternoon, although he did not know how many board members approved the funding.

“This means we now have $150,000, not a $100,000, for the study,” Fourth District City Councilman Patrick O’Donnell said. “The Conservancy’s action moves the football further down the field.”

O’Donnell also said that this action demonstrates a state interest in and a growing general awareness of resolving the scabby shorelines of Long Beach.

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