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“Ban the Bag” Town Hall Meeting 1/29 10am

Long Beach Councilwoman Schipske will be having a town hall meeting to discuss the City of Long Beach Plastic Bag Ban on Saturday, January 29th @10am- Water Treatment Plant~ 2950 Redondo Ave. Long Beach, CA 90806. All are welcome.

Rumor has it that the Save the Plastic Bag click here coalition (our plastic producers) will have their lobbyists and teams here in Long Beach as we try to pass this ban. Let’s be there to let them hear Long Beach’s real voice!
Read the research and information of Long Beach’s Algalita Marine Research Foundation click here and the Surfrider Foundation click here and make up your own mind!
Hope you can come out Saturday and let your voice be heard and help us Rise Above Plastics!

1 comment to “Ban the Bag” Town Hall Meeting 1/29 10am

  • Robin Pozniakoff

    I attended the meeting and it seemed to me the pro plastics rep presented a PowerPoint presentation acting like it was ONLY a matter of plastic bags vs paper bags, completely ignoring the reusable bag concept. She never mentioned them in her argument only saying how much more damage it was to switch to wood products. It very much reminded me of how pro illegal immigrant speakers deliberately omit the word “illegal” when arguing for “immigrant rights”. How silly it all sounded.

    Nevertheless, my overall feeling was that the single use plastic bag industry was fighting a losing battle and that educating shoppers will result in a paradigm shift to thinking green.

    And special thanks to whoever brought the stacks of reusable cotton bags. I grabbed a bunch to distribute to friends and family!

    Robin Pozniakoff