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Hurricane Marie Surfs Long Beach

The Long Beach Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation is holding a show and tell event to memorialize the spectacular surfing that took place on August 26 – 28, 2014.  Photographers and videographers will present their work and tell stories about surfing in Long Beach during that epic swell.  Come get your “Surf Long Beach” stickers and buy a Surfrider t-shirt to support the Sink the Breakwater campaign.

When: Sunday September 28, 11AM – 1PM

photo by Justin Rudd

photo by Justin Rudd

Where: Art Theater , Long Beach

Cost: $5/ea

Marie Breaks Middle Breakwater

Hurricane Marie broke sections of the Middle Breakwater.  This is not the Long Beach Breakwater, it’s the one in front of the Port of Long Beach.  This is a good explanation for why Pier T in the Port of Long Beach was shut down during the swell.  Here’s a shot of the missing armor stone from the Port side looking seaward.MiddleBreakwater

Hurricane Marie Hits Long Beach

August 27 and 28, 2014…It was like a spontaneous festival with mother nature in charge.

photos by Tony Soriano

photos by Tony Soriano













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Sink the Breakwater in the News

The Sink the Breakwater campaign is breaking out all over the place.

Here’s an article in Surfer Magazine with some good old timey photos.

Here’s a mayoral campaign add by Robert Garcia.  (Surfrider Foundation doesn’t endorse any candidate, but we strongly agree with his viewpoint.)

Surf Long Beach

The folks at Seventh Wave Surf Shop scored some surfable waves in Long Beach during the January 25th storm. Here’s an exerpt:

Kelli Koller, photo by Tamara Garcia

Kelli Koller, photo by Tamara Garcia


We drove onto the beach at 7:30 am the next day without a soul in sight on the beach or in the water. Claremont Street on the Long Beach Peninsula woke up from her long slumber. She was breaking, and it was beautiful out! The waves weren’t epic with big barrels or long tasty lines, but they were epic because they were in Long Beach and were rideable. I was so amped for the inconsistent short rides just off the sand….but if you look at the photos….those small waves show so much potential!!!! The last time in recent memory that there were surfable waves in Long Beach was back in 2010. We had been waiting a long time. I sent out a quick post so friends could come down and share the stoke. Then Deb, Sierra Garcia and I suited up. (We sponsor Sierra. She surfs for Millikan High. NSSA and CCSA. Charger, good student, great kid. Tamara Garcia, Sierra’s mother, captured the images of this event. She is a great mom and shop supporter! Yay Millikan!)

Go here for the entire aticle.

And there’s another article in the OC Register .

Sierra Garcia, photo by Tamara Garcia

Sierra Garcia, photo by Tamara Garcia

Surfrider Foundation honors Vice Mayor Garcia with Defender of the Coast Award

GarciaAward 004

Two articles on his achievements and award.

Long Beach Post -

Press Telegram -

2013 Chapter Annual Wrap-Up

Annual Wrap-up Dec. 4, 7pm

Breakwater Article in Long Beach Register

Long Beach’s newest newspaper has an article on the breakwater by our very own chairman, Robert Palmer:

Chapter General Election December 2013

This year’s chapter general election will be held on December 4, Wednesday, 7pm during the Annual Wrap-Up Celebration.  There are 5 open positions in the executive committee (EC).  We really need your help and want new blood in the group.  Joining the EC is a great way to get actively involved in Surfrider and your community.  Here are the qualifications to be a nominee for an EC member for the 2014-2016 term:

  • Must be a current Surfrider member.
  • Must have participated in at least 3 Surfrider events in the past year, one of which was a Long Beach Chapter EC meeting.  This requirement is so that you know what you’re getting into.
  • Must be available to participate in the EC meetings, held on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7PM in Long Beach.
  • Must be present at the December 2 Election Event

If you want to join the Long Beach Chapter Executive Committee, send your name to Robert Palmer ( by November 30.  To simplify the paperwork on our end, there will be no last minute write-ins on the ballot.  For Surfrider members, we will have food and drinks so come by to vote, and mingle with the fellow Surfrider members!

Big Donation

NBCAThanks to New Belgium Brewing and Congregation Ale House for their recent donation of $1400 to our chapter. We’ve recently spent this much on Ban Styrofoam postcards and Surf Long Beach stickers, so this will nicely replenish the coffers. If you like Surfrider and you like Ale, go order a New Belgium Ale at Congregation Ale House on the Promenade in Long Beach.